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Violet Copper

The Violet Copper is an emblematic species of the Upper Ardenne and is still present in certain valley bottoms, where its host plant, the common bistort (Bistorta officinalis), can develop. Within an area of a few hectares, its habitat must contain a certain number of elements necessary for the vital needs of the species at all stages of its life cycle, in particular: food plants for the caterpillars, sufficient sources of nectar during the flight period of the adults and sunny, sheltered edges in the immediate vicinity of herbaceous areas.

In the Natura 2000 sites of the LIFE project, the species is still present in the Warche valley and in the valleys of all its tributaries, including the Holzwarche. The same is true of the Our valley. On the other hand, it is declining in the eastern Ardennes, probably due in part to the increasing presence of beavers, whose dams flood the bistort meadows.

The aim of the project was to recreate/restore 55 hectares of habitats favourable to this butterfly.

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