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Assess the state of the butterfly populations targeted by the project

How can we propose effective action if we don't know the current state of populations and habitats? As much of the information is old or incomplete, it is important at the start of a project to review the data and compare it with the current situation. This means spending time in the field, identifying favourable habitat areas, counting butterflies during their flight period and caterpillars on food plants. It also means locating sites where restoration might be possible (see below). In short, to gather as much information as possible in order to plan all future activities.

These inventories will be carried out mainly during the first two years of the project. They will be carried out in spring for both species, as these butterflies have a relatively early flight period (from mid-April to the end of June). These butterfly inventories will be supplemented by counts of caterpillar nests for the Damier de la succise (in September), and by habitat inventories.

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